Teaching music in Dingley Village Melbourne
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Piano and Theory Tuition


All piano lessons are conducted on an individual basis and the duration of the lesson will depend on the level at which the student is graded. Students have a choice of learning Piano for Leisure which is a combination of modern and classical music or pure Classical Music.
 All lessons are private to ensure the students achieves the maximum benefit from their tuition.

Theory Tuition

The study of theory of music is included during the piano lesson as this helps re-enforce the learning on a practical level as well as a theoritical level thus giving the student a clearer understanding of the overall practice of music.
The areas of theory taught are Theory of Music, History of Music and Music Craft.

AMEB Exam Preparation Available


Piano and Theory Examinations.

Students wishing to do exams prepare their work and an examination date is set with AMEB when the student is comfortable with their performance and their work is up to standard.
As the AMEB has several exam sessions each year a student can prepare at their own pace.

Parental Participation

Parents are encouraged to attend lessons with their children as parent participation keeps the parent up to speed with their child's progress and will assist them with their theory and piano practice at home.